Sunday, 29 April 2012

Weekly Round-Up - 1

I'm totally cheating with this picture, it was taken ages ago but I really wanted to get this post done and today is very much an off day... I have orange hair because I was trying out the hairspray for Wednesday, I'm going to school dressed as Ginger Spice because it will be the last day ever! So exciting!
This week has been a real mix - I only went to school one day because it's so close to exams and I prefer to revise at home, I get so much more done because I just can't concentrate at school, I always end up talking/going for food/doing anything but revision, and find it easier (although not easy!) to revise at home.
Saturday went so quickly! Got up and did an hour of revision, then went to town to get the orange hairspray for Wednesday! Although because my hair is almost black it takes a LOT to show up, I ended up having to buy £7 worth.. It will be so worth it though, Wednesday will be such a laugh! Then I went home and did another hour or so of revision (which is very unlike me, especially on a weekend! Impressive!) before my friend came and picked me up to see The Avengers! Oh.My.God. It's so good! You need to see it! I absolutely love Chris Evans and RDJ (only in Iron Man, haha) so both of them together was like my dream film! AND I hear that there's an Iron Man 3 and Captain America 2 coming out in 2013/14 so that's exciting!
Today has been a day of revision. I have a test after school tomorrow so I was reading and making essay notes for that, and doing business management past papers too. So much fun, I love revision... Although my day has just gotten a thousand times brighter because Clueless is on now! It's like, totally one of my favourite films! Way fabulous!;)

Friday, 27 April 2012

NOTD - Tangerine Fatal

Seeing as the weather has been so rubbish recently, I thought I'd paint my nails a colour which is definitely spring/summer. Typical Brit moaning about the weather, haha! I love this colour - tangerine fatal by Bourjois. It's a gorgeous bright orange, but it's not too bright, if that makes sense? It's definitely a stand out colour, but at the same time it's quite subtle. Oh god that's the worst explanation ever! Okay.. It's a sort of a bright pastel orange, but in some lights it seems like a soft neon. Wow, I'll just stop now. The picture was taken in natural light and so gives a pretty true representation of the colour, so you can decide for yourselves what kind of orange this is!;)
As for application and drying, I can't fault this polish. The brush is sized really nicely and so is easy to apply without having to worry about it getting around the edge of your nail, and drying time is around a couple of minutes - which for someone like me, who normally has to wait around 5-10 minutes for Barry M nail paints to dry fully, is perfect! (Not that I'm dissing you Baz!) The only gripe I have with this is that it's very sheer. I applied two coats, as I normally do with any coloured polish, however the whites of some nails are still visible so I had to add another coat.  Not a huge problem, but something worth addressing!
These polishes retail for £5.99 in boots, although I was lucky enough to win this from a competition on Kim's Blog (link). However, something I noticed when researching the price was that the swatch online is completely different to the actual colour of the polish! Boots show it to be a pinky/coral, but it's definitely not, even with my shocking description skills managed to get across the fact that it is very much orange!

Have you tried any Bourjois polishes? What is your favourite nail polish brand?

Evie x

Monday, 16 April 2012

Current Skincare Routine

After a week away up north, eating rubbish and not getting my full 8 hours, my skin pretty much hated me. I set out on a mission to find a skincare routine that would get my skin back to normal sharpish! I have combination skin - it tends to get slightly oily in the centre of my face, and dry across my forehead and around the edge of my face, so I needed something that was going to work well with my skin.
The cleanser I chose was Neutrogena's visibly clear pink grapefruit daily scrub, because I'd heard only good things about it. The exfoliating beads really feel like they are doing something, but are small enough so that you know you're not being too rough on your skin. Not to mention the fact that it smells amazing! I also picked up Neutrogena's visibly clear spot stress control moisturiser. It's quite a weird (but amazing) product. I was expecting a normal moisturiser consistency, however this is more of a gel and so feels extra smooth when applied to the skin! I absolutely love this moisturiser, and the fact that I got it for 5p (there was a 2 for £5 on the visibly clear range in Boots) makes it even better! I'd definitely repurchase this once this tube is finished. Finally, the favourite of them all - Clean and Clear dual action moisturiser. I absolutely love this moisturiser, a little goes such a long way and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and, well, moisturised.
I keep the clean and clear moisturiser on my bedside table, so that as soon as I wake up I can moisturise my face. I use the cleanser each night when I shower, followed by a load of the clean and clear moisturiser. I then dry my hair while that absorbs, and then apply the Neutrogena moisturiser. I'm probably making it a lot more difficult for myself than it needs to be, but I like to have little routines set out in my head and find it really difficult to snap out of them, so it seems like this one will be with me for a while!

Have you tried any of these products? What is your favourite skincare product?
Evie x

Sunday, 15 April 2012

TOPSHOP Lipstick - Ohh La La

Ohh La La is described as a 'coral blush', and I'd definitely agree with this. I love the colour of this lipstick. It's a modern colour, but feels quite classic on the lips. A single swipe of this lipstick gives a sheer wash of colour that's really pretty, or it can be built up to a more striking, punchy coral.  Topshop claims that this lipstick is a matte finish, which smooths, moisturises and nourishes your lips. I'm not quite sure how true this is - in my opinion the formula of more of a semi-matte finish, although this isn't a problem for me as I didn't buy it thinking it was matte. As for the moisturising element of this lipstick, I'm yet to see any results of this, however that's not to say that it's drying and I don't think that using a lip balm before application is essential. I'd say that length of wear with this lipstick is around 2/3 hours, however it was put to the test during that time as I was eating, talking and drinking - so not bad I'd say! For £8 I'm really happy with this lipstick. The colour is gorgeous and will carry me through spring and summer, I have a thing for coral so really wanted to try it! The finish is (semi)matte although for people who are not fans of this finish, when used alongside a clear gloss it's beautiful also. I'd really recommend this product to someone who was looking for a coral lip colour, that on first application gives a sheer colour, but can be built up to achieve a vibrant finish. Love love love.