Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Wishing for the sun

This is a different sort of post for me.. Food is something I've never blogged about before but considering how much I manage to scoff every day I thought it was time I shared one of my recipes! This is something I just made up with what was in the cupboards at the time, so I'm sure you could adjust it to fit what you've got lying around! It's Moroccan style(ish) lamb!

4 lamb chops
2 teaspoon paprika

2 teaspoon cumin powder
pinch or two cumin seeds
2 teaspoon chilli powder
3 teaspoons harissa paste
1 garlic clove
2 teaspoon tumeric
pinch saffron (totally optional!)

It's so simple, honestly, so easy but so good!

  • Just bung the paprika, cumin powder, chilli powder, harissa paste, tumeric, salt and pepper into a small bowl and add a little oil at a time until it makes a paste
  • Rub the paste all over the lamb (you should have about half left over) and then place into a sandwich bag
  • Slice the garlic and add to the bowl, along with the cumin seeds and saffron
  • Add enough oil to make a kind of marinade-y consistency and add this to the bag of lamb
  • Make sure the lamb is all covered with the marinade, seal the bags and leave in the fridge for as long as you can (I left mine for about 3 hours because I decided half way through the day that I felt like cooking!)
  • To cook them, I just removed them from the bags and placed directly into dry a non-stick frying pan - the oil from the marinade, along with the fat from the lamb itself will be enough to ensure it doesn't stick/burn etc, so you don't need to add any more!
  • Cook on a low/med heat for around 5-7 minutes until you get the slight burnt (but not..obviously..) look and serve with couscous and veg

I hope this recipe made sense and I'd love to know if you made it or something similar!

Evie x