Sunday, 25 September 2011

Accidental spending. Again. Marvellous...

I had a really good Saturday this week! I met the girls in Melrose and we went for coffee, and then went down to watch the boys play rugby.. it was interesting to say the least, haha. We went to Boots afterwards because I needed a new lip balm, well.. I didn't, but I'm a bit obsessed with them so I wanted another;) I ended up spending £20+ which was NOT the plan, at all! Then we went to see our friend who has just come out of hospital (actually, she's back in today so send her love and hugs!) which was nice, we've not all been together for ages because when we've visited her we've been on our own so it was nice to spend time together:) We headed back to Emily's at about 7 because we were staaaarving, and had pizza, chips, garlic bread and ice cream for tea.. we're such ladies... at least there was no cider involved this time!
So on to the important stuff... What did I buy?!

Well, the first thing I bought was, of course, a lip balm by Norwegian Formula - a pretty sensible purchase, and my plan was to pay and then LEAVE. But it went downhill as the makeup counters caught my eye.. As soon as I saw Kate Moss' collection of lipsticks for Rimmel I really wanted one, so I bought one in shade 03.

 I also picked up a No7 mascara because I've not come across one that makes my lashes look as nice, and I'll keep buying it until I do! It's amazing, I can't recommend it enough!
After just 2 coats! There are no words to describe how much I LOVE this mascara!

Then I bought a bodyspray from Natural Collection, it doesn't last very long but it smells so nice! Just to show how nice it smells, I sprayed it in the common room today and the game of Fifa was paused (yes they PAUSED Fifa!!!) to work out where the smell was coming from, because it was 'class' and 'amazing'... praise indeed! One of them also described it as smelling like Tutti Fruitti, which I guess it kind of does:)

I also bought some Boots own eye gel, just to see if it will actually work to reduce some of the puffiness around my eyes, they're not that bad, but there's always room for improvement! (Sorry for the lack of picture - my bad)

Finally, I really needed some kind of nail repair polish, so I got this one by Rimmel because recently my nails have been spitting really easily - not airing them enough between polishes I think!- as well as some heat protecting spray by got2b.

So overall I've had a really good, although unnecessarily expensive weekend! So much to look forward to - next Saturday I'm off to an 18th, dressed as a farmer.. and then maybe dress shopping on Sunday. And on the 7th I'm going to Barcelona!:):) So excited, I know it's a school trip but with my two best friends going too it will be amazing! 

Two coats of mascara, and the Kate Moss lipstick - a rare picture of me with no eyeliner!

I hope you've had a good weekend too! Have you tried any of these products? Let me know what you thought of them!
Evie x

Monday, 19 September 2011

I went shopping!

I went to Edinburgh with my mum because I seriously had nothing to wear on those days when it's too warm for a coat, but to cold for just a cardigan or something, so I needed more jumpers and things like that. I didn't buy much, and was contemplating doing a quick video as it would take less time and I could show you the items in more detail, but my webcam annoys me to much so I'll just stick to good ol' regular bloggin'!
I went to H&M first because aaaaah I love that shop so much! The first thing I got was this bag for school - I have to carry 3 lever arch files, a ring binder as well as all the other crap that I insist on taking to school (water, phone, ipod, approx.5738947 lip balms, keys, hand sanitiser, mints/gum, kirby grip tin etc) so I needed a big one, and that's exactly what I got - this one is haauuuuuuuge! Honestly, I think I could fit a small country in here - perfect! ...and it was only £30:-)

I then bought this gorgeous jumper for £9.99 - it was love at first sight! This picture doesn't do it justice AT ALL, it's amazing. The colour is a gorgeous rust and the fit is lovely - I got it in a medium because I wanted a slouchy fit, but I think it would look really nice in a slightly tighter fit also.
I also got a grey v-neck, but I forgot to take a picture... tut tut.

Then I went to River Island and saw the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life... in the form of this gorgeous sheer navy blouse. It was originally £22 but it was £10 off, so it was a steal at £12! I was amazed there were any left, although they were hidden in a corner.. It's longer at the back than at the front, which I think gives a really elegant silhouette, more so than a boxy even hemmed shirt. It's really flattering, and I just love it. Oh and did I mention... it's batwing! Again, my crappy self portrait skills don't to this blouse OR my camera justice, but bare with me while I get used to using it!

I then went to Zara and picked up a really nice pair of camel skinny jeans. They were only £19 so it was a real bargain! They fit really well and make my legs look really slim - if you could see me you'd know slim is the last work you'd use to describe my legs, hahaha! 

I also went to New Look where I bought a mustard yellow vest top, just because they're handy to have so shove on under things, and then these amaaaazing loafers. Cover anything with leopard print and I'll buy it. These shoes were only £17.99 and they're so comfy and just lovely!

I had a really good day shopping with my mum - we NEVER go together, we just end up stressing eachother out but this time it ran smoothly, hahaha! She bought herself a Radley bag so I think that put her in a good mood ;) Have you bought any of these things recently?

Evie x

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Introducing myself... Finally!

So I've been on blogger for about two months now and I don't think I've ever properly told you who I am, so this post is to do exactly that!
I'm Evie, and I'm sixteen. I live in Scotland, but I haven't always been here - I was born in Liverpool and lived in the North West of England until just under 4 years ago.. and I miss it loads, even after all this time! I much prefer being in the city/suburbs to the countryside I guess..
I don't really know what to say, I'm not very good at this.. If you want to know anything else then leave a comment, or tweet me @eeevc (how cringe does that sound?!)
Yep... VERY basic, but I'm not the best at talking about myself. I'll leave you with a picture to put a face to the name/blog! (Sorry about the poor quality, I couldn't be bothered getting my big camera out)

Evie x

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

NOTD: Dotty for Barry M!

I mentioned my nails (briefly) in that video, so I thought I'd do a really quick post on them so you can see what I was jibbering on about! 
There's not much I can say.. From looking at the pictures it's pretty self explanatory how I did it, so I won't insult your intelligence by going through each step. On my ring finger it's green, then pink, then glitter.. that's basically the only information you might want:)
Sorry for the dodgy paint job, I was talking/watching telly whilst doing it, and my mum kept making me laugh.. so yeah, it's a bit messy.

L-R: Peach Melba, Mint Green, Pink Iridescent, Flamingo Pink. All Barry M.