Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Royal Cosmetic Connections Foundation Brush Review

Hello! I received this brush in the post this morning and thought I'd do a quick review. Being my first foundation brush I didn't really know what to expect, but I was surprised at how easy this brush was to use! The distribution  of product was really even and not claggy at all, which was something I was worried about.


  • Price - it was around £3 from amazon, can't complain.
  • Ease of use - Even the most inexperienced hands (me!) can't go wrong with this brush.
  • Size - It fits easily into an average sized make up bag without the ends getting ruined


  • Design - Although the brush itself is nice there is no branding anywhere on the brush, the only words being 'foundation brush' which looks a bit cheap. I know it's not a particularly popular brand but I think they should reconsider the design of this brush.
As you can see, in my opinion there are definitely more reasons to buy this brush than not! You can't fault the price, and the application is great. I can overlook the wording on the brush because I think it's a really good brush for people looking for a light/medium distribution of their foundation/tinted moisturiser. I've seen a vast improvement in the coverage and staying power of my tinted moisturiser after using this brush. 

I'd definitely recommend this brush!:)


  1. oh i love this brush, i have a few from the brand, as they are really cheap where i buy them (99p - £3) But they do work really well considering! :)
    Not sure why yours didn't have the brand on, as mine do? But its only wording isn't it :)
    great blog.


  2. yeah, i think mine was just under £4 inc. p&p so i can't complain! and yeah i'm not too bothered about the wording, it's a great brush for the price!
    and thank youuuuu xxx