Saturday, 4 February 2012

Accessorize Nail Polish Shade 38

I bought this nail polish on a whim really... I was at the till waiting to pay for a necklace and I saw this little gem sparkling in a box on the counter. This one in particular caught my eye above the rest because it's such a different colour, it's green. And purple. And glittery. And only £4. I love it!

It was quite hard to capture the true colours of the nail polish in a picture, but I think these two photos do it quite well, and should give you an idea of what it's like anyway! It's such a shame that this polish doesn't have a name, other that 'Shade 38', because it so deserves it! It's a mixture of green, and purple. Although when I started to take it off it revealed a pinky copper shade that was really pretty.

The only downside is that it takes SO LONG to come off! You need at least two coats of this polish to build up a decent colour, and this makes for a really hard time getting it off again! However, I personally can cope with an extra 5-10 minutes because it's seriously amazing when it's on.

Are you a fan of this nail polish? Can you recommend any similar effects/colours? Hope you're having a good weekend!

Evie x

Friday, 3 February 2012

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrup

I'm a massive fan of everything lipbalm-ish. I carry around 13 with my in my school bag on a daily basis (sad thing is, I'm not joking) because I hate the feeling when my lips don't have some sort of balm on them. I was shopping in Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago and fancied a wee peek in Lush. I must admit I rarely shop there, I'm dead tight on wonga at the moment and I need to pay for driving lessons, as well as clothe myself, so as much as I'd like to spend money on bath bombs and face masks, I just can't. 
However (and it's a big however seeing as you can make a similar thing yourself from sugar and oil) this was placed on a stand near the door, and I couldn't resist it! It was £5, which in the heat of the moment seemed like an excellent price for what is essentially sugar and flavouring in a pot.. Looking back the price was maybe a bit steep but what can I say, I'm a sucker for anything that will make my lips look nice!

I really like the packaging for this product. It comes in a small glass pot, which makes the whole thing seem more substantial and worth the £5 price tag. You get 25g of product, so it will last a while. I'm not sure of the preferred regime for this product, but I've been using is every second day, followed by a load of Blistex intensive moisture, which is amazing! I do it at night, simply because the Blistex can leave you with ghostly looking lips, but that's just because it's so thick and incredibly moisturising, so I can't complain! 

As you can see, the colour is a bright vivid pink, which is immediately eye catching and I think makes the scrub more exciting to use! In terms of how well the product actually works, I can say that I have noticed a difference in how soft my lips are after using this scrub. However, even though I apply moisturiser straight away, it doesn't provide a lasting difference to my lips. I'm glad that I picked this up, because I would have always wondered about it, but I can't see myself buying this again.. Sorry lush!

 Have you tried this, or a similar product? What did you think? Hope you have a great weekend!

Evie x

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Elizabeth Arden High Shine Gloss in Berrylicious

Elizabeth Arden is a brand which, I must admit, had never really caught my eye before now. I've always thought of it as a bit 'old lady-ish' I think, but I've discovered that, if this is anything to go by, their products are of really good quality!
I bought this lipgloss from for £6.50, but there is a very limited range of colours. As I'm sure you know however, Elizabeth Arden products can be found in most department stores, and retail at around £14.

Now on to the actual product! I put it on this morning, around 4 hours ago, and since then have been out and about, talking, eating and drinking. I can't tell you that it has stayed put 100% and looks freshly applied, but I can safely say that it lasted a good couple of hours before wearing off, which is no less than what I would have expected from a gloss. The consistency is nice, not too thick and not too 'nothing'. It does look a bit scary when you take the wand out of the tube, quite gloopy and hard to work with, but it's really not! 
The colour is gorgeous! A deep pinky/red that in my opinion would look great on all skin tones. I have kind of pale/medium skin, and I think it would suit my mum, who has medium skin, as well as it does me.

  • Gorgeous colour
  • Feels nice on the lips
  • Reasonably long lasting
  • Needs to be reapplied within a couple of hours (not a major problem)
  • Value doesn't meet price, although I really like this lip gloss, I'm glad I bought it for less than the RRP of £14

Have you tried one of these glosses before if so what did you think? Can you recommend some lip glosses for me to try?

Evie x

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

What's going on?

It's been a month since I last posted anything - I haven't had my memory card since before Christmas so I had to make do with a 'snipping tool' of 8tracks featured in my last post! Thank god I have my camera back now, it's like I was missing an arm! I didn't have any pictures for proper posts lined up (although I do have lots planned!) so I thought I'd take a few snaps of things that have been occupying my recently for a bit of an update/catch up, I hope you don't mind!

1. After 5 hours worth of exams today I was pretty stressed, so I bought myself some chocolate because let's face it, chocolate makes everything better. I really wanted the peanut butter version because it sounds amazing, but there was none left so I had to get the orange instead. Peanut butter is obviously pretty good if it was sold out!
2. Q Radio. Complete live saver. Couldn't live without it!
3. Revision. Revision. Revision. So glad I got two exams out of the way today, if not a little stressy..
4. UCAS. I hate you.

5. Bought this little gem after seeing it on a few blogs. So far it seems to be working well, I'll be writing a more detailed post on this soon.
6. Yankee Candles are just... mmmmmm! Macintosh Spice is gorgeous. This one is often burning in the living room, while I have the Christmas Eve tart burning in my bedroom. Lush.
7. I went to my first proper Burns Supper last week. It was so good! Love a wee but haggis;)
8. Some of the things I am yet to blog about. This being without my camera malarky has caused a load of posts that will most likely be published pretty close together, sorry about that!

So that was pretty much my past week. Hope you don't mind the hashed together post, I was just excited to get something up! I'll hopefully have some 'proper' posts up by the beginning of next week. 

Evie x