Saturday, 3 March 2012

MAC Angel Lipstick

It's always exciting getting something in the post, especially when it's from MAC! Even though I knew what it was, I was so excited to try this shade as it's everywhere! I'm guessing that almost all of you will own, or at least have heard of, this lipstick. It's massively popular, and this is probably due to the fact that Kim Kardashian is often seen wearing this shade along with Turkish Delight gloss from Nars. (Link) It's a frost finish, which I was a bit sceptical of trying after hearing that this formulation can sometimes be quite drying. However I have had no problems with this lipstick and find that as long as I use a lip scrub (Link) and balm beforehand there is no drying element with to product. 

The shade is described by MAC as a 'soft pink', and in my humble opinion that sums it up pretty well. It's so wearable and a very daytime appropriate shade, and is complimentary on all skin tones I have seen it on, from pale to dark. Everyone loves the smell of MAC lipsticks, that vanilla scent is strangely satisfying and compared to that painty smell that some lipsticks have, it's something that definitely helps 'make' this product for me.

I'm no MAC expert by any stretch of the imagination! I own 3 MAC products, and this is simply because with no job, and already having to borrow from the 'bank of mum and dad' (I hate that expression!) for driving lessons, I can hardly ask for money to buy make up... So when I can, birthdays etc, I go a bit mad on clothes and make up, but otherwise it's drugstore for me! (Not that there's anything wrong with drugstore products, obviously!)

I'm desperate to get my hands on Watch Me Simmer from the Shop Mac collection, but it seems to be sold out everywhere and I'm not keen for the massively raised prices that will be floating around the internet! I also really love Full Speed from the Sheen Supreme range... Maybe someone will be nice and this will be in my collection soon!

Have you tried this, or any of the other lipsticks I mentioned? What's your favourite MAC lipstick? Hope you're having a great weekend!

Evie x

Can I just apologize for any blurriness in these pictures! Someone with  has gotten fingerprints all over my camera lens, I know.. Tragic! I hadn't noticed until I went to crop the images on my laptop, so I hope it's not too annoying for you! The first picture is doing my head in!:(


  1. Great post, Love the product :) I hope you will follow my blog :)


    1. Thank you! I can totally see why everyone is raving about it now - I love it!xo