Monday, 17 December 2012

It's Christmaaaaaas: The Winterlicious Tag

1) Favourite Winter Nail Polish?
Glitter is an absolute must for me at this time of year, so for the past two months (I know...) my nails have been adorned with sparkle. Currently I'm wearing Ciate 'My Fair Lady', which is a really pale pinky nude, along with a gold glitter tip. The glitter I used was GLITTER NAME Barry M - love it! This is quite reserved for me, before this I went to the extreme and layered my red nails with two, yep.. two, glitters both from Barry M - GLITTER NAME, which is a mixture of blue, green and red glitter, and GLITTER NAME, which is a plain gold. Well, if you cant go OTT at Christmas, when can you?!

2) Favourite Winter lip product?
My lips get pretty dry in the winter, and the fact that I have the horrible habit of biting my lips doesn't help at all, booo! Because of this I'm never more than a metre away from some sort of lip balm, my favourite at the moment being Blistex NAME. I've read a tonne of positive comments about the NAME, and so might have to make a cheeky purchase when I get paid...

3) Most worn Winter clothing piece?
Without a doubt my leather jacket is my most worn item. I bought it about a month ago from Topshop and have literally worn it every time I've left the house since then! It really keeps me warm and the (detachable) fur collar adds extra warmth which is always welcome in the freezing Scottish weather! Sometimes you see people in leather jackets which are shiny and so cheap looking, but this doesn't fall into that category at all and the last thing it looks is cheap, although it was an absolute steal at £58! You.Need.One.

4) Most worn Winter accessory?
To be honest my most worn item is a bit boring.. I was in H&M looking around the accessories section and saw  a scarf that was the most gorgeous deep red/burgundy colour, and of course picked it up straight away! At only £7.99 it's a really affordable piece in a shade that is everywhere at the moment! I went in to work the other day and my manager was like 'do you know that your scarf and top are the same colour?..' Awks. 

5) Favourite winter scent/candle?
For me, Yankee Candle takes the crown every season so it's a no brainer that during the festive period it's the same. I have 3 scents on rotation this year. First I have Clean Cotton, which is an all year favourite for me. It smells so fresh and gives your whole room the feeling of clean bed sheets. Cranberry Ice is another which I have been loving this winter - it's not too intense, instead gives a sweet cranberry scent without the headache that comes along with some other strongly scented candles. Finally, Red Berry and Cedar has been taking pride of place in my burner the past few days. It smells gorgeous, it's one of those which is quite subtle but when you leave and re-enter the room the smell hits you and it's just.. Christmas!

6) All time favourite Christmas/Holiday movie?
It's difficult to pick just one.. I'm going to have to cheat and write a list! Elf is becoming a classic for out generation, and it's definitely one of my favourites! I also love the Grinch, it's so funny! I love anything Dr Zeuss so it's a winner for me! The Muppets Christmas Carol is one to get you in the festive spirit, along with Miracle on 34th Street which reminds me of the last day before Christmas at primary school.

7) Favourite Winter beverage?
Unpopular opinion or not, I prefer Costa so Starbucks, and it's a Costa drink which is my favourite winter beverage this year. Their Frosted Mint Hot Chocolate is b-e-a-utiful. Mint chocolate is my favourite so a warm winter version ticks all the boxes for me. The mint isn't overpowering but it's definitely there - I highly suggest you try this if you haven't already!

8) Favourite Christmas/Holiday song?
Aaah so hard to pick! Obviously The Fairytale of New York is near the top of my list, but they're all (with a few exceptions) so good! I love the Michael Buble Christmas CD too... Favourite song questions are always hard! 

9) What is your favourite Christmas Decoration this year?
I've not actually been home to see the decorations yet.. My favourite decorations around Edinburgh are on the pillars at the Dome on George Street. So gorgeous and even though they're massive they're still quite subtle and pretty.

10) Favourite Holiday food/treat?
I think Christmas Dinner is my favourite meal of the year.. Extreme Sunday roast! Pigs in Blankets are amazing! (I'm not sure if they're called that everywhere? Basically sausages wrapped in bacon haha!) I honestly cant think of anything to top a Christmas dinner, not even including the extras like cheese etc. Literally just the plate of the best roast you have all year!

11) What's at the top of your Christmas list?
I've been boring this year and just asked for money.. I couldn't think of anything that I really wanted as it was my birthday in October so I don't really need anything right now :( So un-Christmassy I know.

12) What are your plans for the holidays this year?
I'm working Christmas Eve, but get an early finish at 4.30 so I'll drive back home straight from work, can't wait! I'm having Christmas at my Mum's house along with my brother and Grandparents. I'll pick them up on Christmas Morning and they'll spend the day with us before I drop them off again at night. Unfortunately I'm working on Boxing Day too, so it's back up to Edinburgh for me early on the 26th which is a bit of a bummer.. I'm secretly hoping it snows loads over night so I get stuck at my mum's and can't make it for work... Fingers Crossed!

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and New Year. What's top of your Christmas list this year?

Evie x

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