Wednesday, 1 February 2012

What's going on?

It's been a month since I last posted anything - I haven't had my memory card since before Christmas so I had to make do with a 'snipping tool' of 8tracks featured in my last post! Thank god I have my camera back now, it's like I was missing an arm! I didn't have any pictures for proper posts lined up (although I do have lots planned!) so I thought I'd take a few snaps of things that have been occupying my recently for a bit of an update/catch up, I hope you don't mind!

1. After 5 hours worth of exams today I was pretty stressed, so I bought myself some chocolate because let's face it, chocolate makes everything better. I really wanted the peanut butter version because it sounds amazing, but there was none left so I had to get the orange instead. Peanut butter is obviously pretty good if it was sold out!
2. Q Radio. Complete live saver. Couldn't live without it!
3. Revision. Revision. Revision. So glad I got two exams out of the way today, if not a little stressy..
4. UCAS. I hate you.

5. Bought this little gem after seeing it on a few blogs. So far it seems to be working well, I'll be writing a more detailed post on this soon.
6. Yankee Candles are just... mmmmmm! Macintosh Spice is gorgeous. This one is often burning in the living room, while I have the Christmas Eve tart burning in my bedroom. Lush.
7. I went to my first proper Burns Supper last week. It was so good! Love a wee but haggis;)
8. Some of the things I am yet to blog about. This being without my camera malarky has caused a load of posts that will most likely be published pretty close together, sorry about that!

So that was pretty much my past week. Hope you don't mind the hashed together post, I was just excited to get something up! I'll hopefully have some 'proper' posts up by the beginning of next week. 

Evie x


  1. I've had exams recently at the moment so I know how you feel! And I'm also applying to university at the moment :) What course are you applying for? x

    1. These are just prelims, the proper exams are in May - dreading it! I'm applying for Event Management, but am currently going through that stage of wanting to run away from everything and not going at all, but I think it's just exam pressure amongst other things! We'll see... What course are you applying for?:) xo

  2. Need to try that Lush lip stuff, it looks lovely x

    1. i'll be doing a more detailed post on this product soon:)

  3. what a great idea after exam <3 x