Monday, 11 July 2011

I only went for my uniform...

The past few days I've been pretty busy shopping for school uniform, I know it's early but I wanted to get it boxed off before the Edinburgh Fringe starts on the 5th of August because there's no way I would go shopping in Edinburgh when it's that busy - slow walkers annoy me so much, and tourists are the worst!
I ended up buying a lot more than I intended to, but doesn't that always happen?!

I started in H&M, where I found the perfect pair of black trousers for school - they are high waisted and come with a lovely brown belt, and are that 'almost chino but not quite', tapered leg style for £24.99. (There are no pictures though because I couldn't find the right hanger for them.) I also bought a pair of patent black pumps that I bought straight away as they were so cheap!
£9.99 - H&M

I then went to New Look in Princes Mall because since December I have been dying for a pair of wedges, but every time I go in they only have size 4 and 6... Typical. This time though they had size 5 in a pair that I was originally not too sure about - they weren't the pair I had wanted but I bought them because I saw it as fate, haha. I got them home and fell in love, they are so comfy and easy to walk in, and the tan and cut out detail more suited to summer than the black suede.

£24.99 - New Look

Then Jenners (or House of Fraser). I had seen the Benefit Erase Paste reviewed a lot on YouTube and it had received only positive comments, so I wanted to try it for myself. I went in and the assistant was so nice, she tested it on my so find the right colour and then 'touched me up' with a full face of make up! It's so nice having someone else do it for you. She did it really subtly and even my Dad commented on it when I got back - praise indeed! I think I will have to invest in one of their tinted moisturisers once my No7 has run out.
£19.50 - Benefit at House of Fraser

Then Office. I went in to look for a pair of black brogues for school but ended up coming out with a pair of navy Converse. I got my white pair about a year ago and they are just the comfiest shoes ever. You can pretty much wear them with anything and they're just a really useful pair of shoes to have. I'd been eyeing up the navy pair for a few months - they're gorgeous! This colour is exclusive to Office.

£36.99 - Office 

Next up - Boots. I wanted a tinted moisturiser so just went in for a look. I ended up at the No7 counter and the sales assistant helped me choose the right shade for my skin. I can never leave Boots without picking up some new Barry M nail paints. This time i got Peach Melba and Red Black, both gorgeous colours! I also thought I should get a primer just so the tinted moisturiser would sit better, as I heard this helps. I'd heard good things about the 17 Photo Flawless one, so I chucked that in the basket too!
£12.50 - No7 at Boots
Red Black & Peach Melba, £2.99 each - Boots
£4.99 - Boots

I went to The Perfume Shop website because I had run out of my Hugo Boss:-( I bought Diesel Fuel For Life Summer Etd because I had read about it and it is apparently really nice. If I'm 100% honest, I don't really like it - it doesn't last all day and the initial fragrance isn't that great either, it smells a bit too much like aftershave for my liking. At least it was cheap...
£25 - The Perfume Shop

Have you tried any of these products? Tell me what you thought!

Evie x