Thursday, 14 July 2011

I went to the beach!

It was so lovely:) The weather was amazing and we were there from half eleven until half eight - I even got a bit of a tan, which for me is unusual (everyone thinks because I have really dark hair and eyes that I'll tan really easily, but I hardly tan at all) Anyway, there was me, my mum, two of her friends and their kids - so 10 of us all together! We got chips for tea and I had such a nice day.
Sorry this post is really badly written - the sea air has made me really tired but I needed to post this now or I'd forget. Here are a few pictures I took - hope this makes up for the bad text, haha. I also haven't edited any of these pictures - sorry!

1 comment:

  1. You’re lucky! Aside from the weather being on your side, the beach isn’t packed. Too much people could be socially good but I think it is more fun just around the people you know. Selfish much? Ha-ha! Anyway, the kids won’t bother. Look at them they are so carefree and full of life!

    Donna Parsley