Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My little brother is one!

I'm a bit late with this post seeing as his birthday was on the 25th June... Oh well! The day was pretty hectic, for a one year old's birthday party there was a lot of organising and running round to pick up cakes, food, alcohol etc. It started the night before when I made labels for the bottles of bubbles and made an iTunes playlist, and we all blew up balloons and decorated the rooms with banners. Then in the morning Laura came over and came with us to pick up the food, and help set everything up in the kitchen. Emily arrived and we had about 20 minutes to chat and have a drink before everyone started arriving. I have never seen so many babies in one location before - there was so many! I gave my 9 year old brother my DSLR and told him to take pictures of everything (brave...) and surprisingly he did a really good job! Here are a few pictures of the day, enjoy!:-)
Laura, me and Emily

My bubble labels ;)

Happy Birthday!

Emily, Laura and me


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