Wednesday, 13 July 2011

What's in my bag?

I bought my bag when I was in Lanzarote in a shop called Blanco. I've never seen a Blanco in the UK so I'm guessing it's Spanish? Anyway, it's a red satchel that has a long strap but I prefer to carry it on my arm so I wear it without and just use the handle. I think it was about 20, which I thought was a good price:)

  • More than you can say by Paul Torday - I wrote about this yesterday. I started it last night and even though I'm only a few pages in I'm really looking forward to reading this book. It was in my bag because I thought I was going to my Nan's today and I wanted to read it there.
  • My phone - BlackBerry curve 3g. Can't wait 'til the end of the month when I can get my proper contract for this phone! No bbm = not fun!
  • Hand sanitiser, just in case I have to use a public toilet (although I really try not to because they're horrrrible!) It's just a useful thing to carry around.
  • Glasses. They're Jasper Conran and I really like the frames, but the lenses are far too weak and make no difference at all so I'm going to try and see if I can make an appointment to get new ones before I start back at school in August.
  • Coin purse, I keep kirby grips in there.
  • Actual purse. I got this from the Accessorize sale - £6.
  • Rimmel volume booster lipgloss. I rarely use this to be honest, but I've had it for months (yuck?)
  • Body Shop lip balms, I can't remember the exact smells because they've rubbed off, but there's a strawberry one, a watermelon one and a passion fruit I think...
  • Make up bag. Not normally in here, but I stayed at my Nan's on Tuesday night so it's still in there from yesterday morning.
  • iPod. Can't live without this - seriously, I don't know what I would do if it got stolen:( I need one with more space because this one is only 8gb but I have an AMAZING score on ninjump so I want to keep it as long as possible, sad I know. (My score is 10,000+)
  • Earphones.
  • Vaseline! I hate the rose one, and the blue one seems a bit clinical for me, so the green one is definitely my favourite. I also have about 500million other lipcare products in my school bag!
  • Bobbles, because when I'm not at school (I always have my hair down at school!!!) I sometimes like to just throw it up into a bun when I can't be bothered sorting it out.
So yeah.. that's it. It's not much, but it is a little bag so I can't really fit that much in to it. There was also some paracetamol, a yellow highlighter, a pack of Mr Men plasters and about 15 kirby grips. 


  1. I absolutely ADORE the colour of that bag. It is my new obsession at the moment. I have been trying to buy everything I can in that colour. The satchel is absolutely gorgeous! Love your blog by the way, I'm a new follower :)

  2. @thatgirl, thank you so much! that means a lot because i just started this blog two days ago so i'm still getting used to blogger etc.
    and yeah, the colour is a really nice shade of burgundy that goes with everything, i'm so glad i bought it:)

  3. Love your purse, thanks so much for following :)


  4. he he very intresting,very simple and not clutterd.i liek that!theres a blanco in westfield!yey!

  5. @style blogger: you're lucky - when i was in they were carrying some gorgeous stuff! shame i'm in scotland, it's a bit far for me, haha xx