Monday, 11 July 2011

Mmmmm Barry M nail paints

My absolute favourite nail varnishes ever! They go on really easily, last for ages, and not to mention the millions of colours to choose from! I have collected a few over the last few months. Every time I buy a new one I'm standing at the counter for about five minutes trying to pick which ones to buy because all of the colours are lovely - I think there has probably only been one or two that I haven't liked... ever.
Colours from left to right: Nail Effects in white; Peach Melba; Pink Iridescent; Bright Pink; Pink Flamingo; Coral; Raspberry; Red Black; Nail Effects in black; Navy; Cyan

Are you also a fan of Barry M nail paints? Do you have a favourite colour?

Evie x


  1. love the colours! great collection!xx

  2. :) barry m is definitely the best nail polish, and for under £3... bargain!

  3. Nail effects look awesome, are they the ones that crack by themseleves? x

  4. yeah, you put a coat of whatever colour you want and then do a top coat of the nail effects. there is also a pink and a blue one by barry m:) x

  5. barry m are by far one of my favourite nail paints! and they have such a verity of colours:)XX